The Flatliners

The Flatliners Share New Single/Video, New Ruin LP Out August 5th On Fat Wreck Chords

The Flatliners are celebrating 20 years as a band, and what better way to kick the door down than with a brand new album and tour dates! They return to FAT with “Performative Hours,” the ripping new single and video from the forthcoming album, New Ruin, out on August 5th. 

Vocalist Chris Cresswell shares, “Returning to FAT for the release of our new album New Ruin is like the family reunion you actually want to attend; the reboot we can all get behind. It just feels like home to us.” 

Chris also said: There’s a desperation that’s run rampant within us as people, and it’s the need to be validated. A shadow of what’s really real, a version of the truth, a performance at all hours. As the world around us grows more mechanically able to connect, we as people will abuse that power to simply brag or complain, feverishly attempting to create a moment instead of just enjoying one. It feels as though we’ve found ourselves in an age of insincerity, with people putting in the hours for nothing more than upholding an image. Time now ticks in performative hours.







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