BROJOB Have Released Video For Recidivism Featuring Dan Tucker Of And Hell Followed With / Crown Magnetar


Deathcore outlet BROJOB are releasing their brand-new single ‘Recidivism‘ featuring guest vocals Dan Tucker of And Hell Followed With / Crown Magnetar, and is now out worldwide on various music streaming platforms through Hollowed Records / Kontrolla Music Group.

With regards to the new track, BROJOB states: “Recidivism in a literal sense is about how people who end up in prison are usually victim to a system that encourages behavior to end up there, and when you’re finally out, have a likelihood to reoffend. In a contextual sense to the EP, it’s a cry for help to be let out of the mental prison you shackle yourself into as an artist, tying back to how you feel you can’t expressly be yourself for commercial success.”

BROJOB’s upcoming EP ‘JESTER’, is now available to pre-order HERE

Originating as a comedy band, BROJOB has an extensive history filled with love and hate from listeners on a global scale. Stirring up controversy amongst those who hatemonger drew viral attention to the group. BROJOB’s first serious EP “Sleep it Away” took a brighter and more melodic sound while delving into serious topics like dealing with depression/anxiety.

BROJOB continues to break the mold in their latest release, “Jester.” The group takes a left turn and smacks you with a dark, nu-metal sound, coupled with lyricism reflecting the adverse consequences of being in a parody band.

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