Mesker Have Unleashed Casual Freedoms EP

Mesker - Casual Freedoms EP

Metal-core duo Mesker bring their unique volatile rock to the mainstream with Casual Freedoms EP. 

Merging frenzied sonic mediations with the vulnerability of heart-on-sleeve plaintiveness, Mesker’s brand of metal-core covers the extreme ends of both the emotional and sonic spectrums. With a sound that artfully articulates the passion of metal-core’s technicality with high energy music and frantic melodic riffs, Mesker’s unpredictable and unconventional song structures set them apart from their contemporaries. The two-piece act tackle unusual time signatures, keeping audiences on their toes, creating a genuine interplay, giving their music an intriguing amount of depth. 

Based in London, the duo are the definition of DIY. Having recorded, written and produced this upcoming release at home. Mesker’s lyrics are based upon hard hitting topics such as substance abuse, illusion of choice, and fear of failure. 

Lead single ‘When the Fabric Frays’ is about coming to terms with mortality and trying to enjoy the slice of time we have. Balancing philosophical and introspective themes with a volatile approach to songwriting, the single captures the band’s erraticism and technical mastery for an unforgettable single that gives audiences a taste of what’s to come on the wider 4-track EP. 

Taking influence from Counterparts, Vein, and Kharma. Mesker’s unique take on metal showcased to perfection in this newest release as they continue to carve their own unique space within the metal-core landscape.

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