Nula Has Unleashed New Album

Belgrade stoner/sludge/doom metal quartet Nula unleashed a brand new release a couple of days ago. On their first album, “So Zemlje”, they offer an eclectic mix of sludge, post and doom metal, spiced up with overtones of grunge and organic sounding 90’s alt-metal scene.

An emotional rollercoaster of a release, its heavy vibes, and mountainous riffs are interwoven with tender and moody melodies that bring forth a constant feeling of tension that awaits release, the angst that explodes in bursts of violent rage, only to be soothed with atmospheric acoustic passages, taking the listener to a journey of deep introspection and spiritual uplift.

Band’s guitarist Milan Vicic comments: “It is an extremely ungrateful task to write about any song, especially one own, adopted by oneself, carved until the moment when musicians, creators, become its channel, instead of the other way around, let through to such an extent that we become its property, instead of the other way around, which is to be expected.”

You can order “So Zemlje” HERE

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