VARIALS Share New Song, The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1


Philadelphia metalcore warriors VARIALS are back and in a socially “violent” way. 

The band has just shared the new song “THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE: CHAPTER 1.” Listen HERE.

“The Cycle of Violence: Chapter 1” truly represents Varials Version 2.0.

It storms out of the gates with its hair on fire, blood dripping from it its fangs, and ready to annihilate anything that happens upon its path. The song boasts a firestorm of crunchy riffs and screams that sounds as though they crawled out of the bowels of hell, tempered by some unexpected melodic flourishes. There’s also a breakdown plunked smack dab in the middle of the song and it’s sure to stir up moshpits the world over.

“The song is about taking a life just for the lust of revenge,” Varials explain. “No other reason. It’s a reflection from the perspective of a loved one of the deceased who survived, and their own lust for revenge that creates a cycle of violence. It escalates from a description of their emotions after their loved one was taken, to the feelings they have the moment the chance to enact their revenge is given.”

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