Cult Of Luna Release Interactive Video For Cold Burn

Cult Of Luna

Swedish post-metal band Cult Of Luna have released a video that transforms visual into a gaming experience. The game was built utilizing the Unreal engine and is available now via Steam. The band describes it as being an interactive music video for their previously released single Cold Burn. 

About ‘The Long Road North’ game , by North Kingdom Greenhouse : “The music video for Cold Burn is directed and produced by Noth Kingdom Greenhouse. We have done many music video projects over the years, always aiming to find a unique angle. With the brief we got from the band, we saw an attractive creative opportunity to explore what we believe will be the future of music video creation—combining music with real-time technology and interactive storytelling. The video for Cold Burn will be followed by an immersive game experience where fans can immerse themselves in this unique visual world we created for the album called ‘The Long Road North’

Building the experience in Unreal Engine allows us to invite fans as the hero of the story to explore the music video in their unique way. The song is adaptive to how you navigate the world, so every time you play the music video game, you will get a different experience. The project is an innovative collaboration between Cult Of Luna, North Kingdom, and Arctic Game Lab, and developed by a team of game designers, 3D artists, and musicians in the north of Sweden.” Linus Johansson

Explore the gaming experience HERE

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