Hitch & Go Have Released A Place That Doesn’t Exist LP

Hitch & Go - A Place That Doesn't Exist

A Place That Doesn’t Exist, a new full-length album by Hitch & Go is out now via People Of Punk Rock Records. You can stream it HERE

Coming out of Quebec City, Canada, Hitch & Go is a four piece who have bottled all the energy and electricity of pop punk and then downed it in one. Starting out in 2012 and locking in a solid line-up since 2015, this pop punk quartet is all about heavy riffs and skate punk beats.There’s soaring vocals, bass lines that sprint through crunching guitars and bass pedals that tear through kick drums. Insane amounts of fun, hooks for days and tunes that will inhabit your head; pop punk has never felt so good. Raucous live shows transform gigs into parties as the band channel echoes of the late 90s and early millennium with a fresh spin and plenty of addictive anthems. It’s a call to arms for fans of the original scene and those just discovering the power of pop punk in all its (new found) glory.     

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