SOM: Former Members Of Caspian, Constants And Junius Have Shared New Video Taken From Live Studio Session

Photo by Samia Zaidi


Atmospheric prog/post-rock quintet SOM have premiered the video for Wrong, recorded at a brand new live session, which you can watch in full below. It’s taken from the band’s second album, The Shape Of Everything, which was released through Pelagic Records in January.

“On an album full of introspective songs, Wrong might be those ideas most crystallised,” explains vocalist and guitarist Will Benoit. “It’s about being a new parent, love, loss, finding the energy to put into the relationships that matter and the struggle to keep it all balanced. We didn’t plan to shoot this video, but it all came together while we were rehearsing for our upcoming tour when Alex (Pace, Director) started swinging the camera around in such a way that it felt really immediate and visceral. The shoot couldn’t have come together more organically, and the video adds a real energy and immediacy that suits the song in such a perfect way.” 

SOM comprised of former members of Caspian, Constants and Junius.

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