Northlane Release New Album Obsidian


Yesterday, Australia’s heavy trailblazers NORTHLANE released their sixth album, Obsidian via Believe. Get it HERE

Today, the band has shared the visualizer for “Abomination.” Watch and listen HERE.

The apex of classic and future Northlane, “Abomination” detonates with Marcus Bridge growling over a bed of heavy drum and bass. As Bridge grapples with the facade of happiness, grinding guitars, wild synths, and pulverizing electronics synchronize, making you feel like your head is spinning out of control. 

“This song is about my inability to keep pretending everything is okay in my life,” Bridge shares. “I want to be able to spread a positive message with the lyrics I write but as personal and external problems continue to pile up, I feel numb and unable to pretend that I’m happy. I feel like an abomination of what I should be, what I want to be.”

Northlane’s new offering, Obsidian, is their most expansive and dynamic album yet. Self-recorded and self-produced, the sound Northlane have been working towards over the span of their career has been fully realised on Obsidian. Sonically spanning the gamut of their entire discography, Northlane’s trademark heavy comfortably coexists with techno, drum and bass, intriguing synths, perplexing time signatures, and widescreen choruses. It’s this fearless evolution that keeps Northlane light years ahead of everyone else in heavy music.

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