Pulley Have Released New Single, Golden Life LP Out May 13th Via SBÄM Records

Photo By Stijn Daenens

The time has come! After the last album of the skate punk legends from California came out in 2016, we have been offered an acoustic EP and a vinyl compilation by Pulley at the time of the pandemic – but apparently it always goes more diligent! So, Scott Radinsky and his rascals have just recorded a new album, which will be released already on May 13, 2022!

The first single “Golden Life” matching the album title “The Golden Life” will be released digitally on April 21 to give fans of the former Fat Wreck and Epitaph band a taste of a new album that has it all!

Golden Life is a hymn from Scott to youth:

“I’m watching a generation of kids seemingly robbed of an experience. A life without easy access to good and bad. Much of what they’ve seen in the world has been negative, unimaginable terrorist attacks, war and violence, a division of people,” the singer and former professional baseball player said.

“As for music, our generation really had to earn it if we wanted to hear or see it properly. Technology has its good points, but it has taken away an experience that allowed for a deeper appreciation of life. The irony is that our generation is partially responsible for this platform,” he continues to explain what the song is about.

Pre-Orders for Pulley – The Golden Life ill begin on April 25, 2022. via SBÄM Records.

Scott Radinsky explains how the new album came about this way, “The writing process for this album was a little different because of the pandemic. When everyone was out of work at the beginning, we decided to write new material, we had a lot of time to devote to the music and were able to flesh out the songs until we felt they were ready.”

In 2021, both an EP of four Pulley classics made into acoustic tracks and the compilation “Encore” were released.

“The difference between this and the acoustic album is that here everyone contributed and the songs were all new, whereas the acoustic album was just a different interpretation of the music that had already been released,” Scott says.

“We’re all proud of how these songs turned out musically and sonically and can’t wait to play them live and share them with everyone.”

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