A VOID Unveils A Video For Newspapers


A VOID unveils “Newspapers”, a new gem through which the Franco-British power trio pushes all their capacities. It is, once again, a single carried by a strong alliance of melodies and dissonances. But who would have thought that this garage/grunge essence would be enhanced tenfold by pure metal blast beats by way of chorus?

An intensity all necessary to transcend all the violence and emotions that run through Camille Alexander’s lyrics. In “Newspapers”, the singer-guitarist evokes her experience of getting hurt as a projection of another one’s pain:

“Instead of destroying myself, I decided to destroy everyone’s ears! It’s about freeing yourself from your own conditioning, not knowing how to deal with it and losing yourself in your own liberation. The “weight” I’m talking about is the trauma, the societal constraints, the education, the pressure to be what your family and the people around you want you to be. When you finally walk away from all that, you’re just lost because that’s all you’ve ever known.”

Once more, mental health takes centre stage in A VOID’s thematic concerns. However, the offbeat and absurd spirit of the band is not left out of the equation. The video for “Newspapers” shows Camille, Marie (Niemiec, drums) and Aaron (Hartman, drums) playing in the middle of a room covered in newspaper… and wearing dresses made of the same material!

After “Sad Events Reoccur” and “Stepping On Snails“, A VOID offers a delightful new taste of Dissociation. “Newspapers” comes at the right time, while this sophomore album still has, unfortunately, no release date. But the long wait will be well worth it!







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