Bottlekids To Release New Single On April 8th


Welsh punk rockers in Bottlekids will release their new single “NOWT” on Friday, April 8. At the same time, pre-orders for their upcoming EP “ZILCH!” start.

Bottlekids are three mates from Chepstow, South Wales who started the band as an excuse to get together and drink cans on a Tuesday night. The punk-rock three-piece is announcing their brand new EP ‘ZILCH!’ to be released by SBÄM Records on May 27th.
After building momentum with their self-titled first record and touring the UK & Europe, the pandemic meant Festival dates and tours had to be postponed – this led to the band writing and recording a much angrier and more conscious new record.
Joe says: “We wrote down thoughts and ideas for music during lockdown to keep sane and even though we couldn’t meet up and turn them into songs for a while when we eventually did it felt like some sort of therapy. The music took shape quickly and there was a lot to get off our chests.

With the help of SBÄM we went back to the studio in the summer of 2021 with record producer legend Romesh Dodangoda (Bring me the Horizon, Motorhead, Funeral for a Friend..) it made sense recording with Romesh again, he was one of the first to believe in our songs and that first record turned out exactly how we had hoped.
The first song “ALREADY DEAD” appeared in October 2021 and made a huge positive echo in the worldwide punk-rock press.
‘NOWT’ is the new single that will prepare the world for the second-ever BOTTLEKIDS release “ZILCH” to be released May 27, 2022.







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