Doomtown Records To Release Senata Fox Discography Tape

Doomtown Records plans to release the entire discography of one of the finest Croatian hardcore punk/grind bands, Senata Fox. The release comes in two variants, black and white tapes. You can read more about the band and the release itself from the info, originally posted on the Bandcamp page by Doomtown Records.

The story of Senata Fox goes all the way back to distant 1999. when the band started to play their first shows. As the band is one of our favourite local acts we watched live in the process of growing up, we decided that their prolific discography needs some proper cassette treatment!

Senata Fox were all about super fast thrashing and uncompromising hardcore punk. In the genre that became quite stale at the time the band pull off some amazing guitar riffs, cool breakdowns and creative song structures in general. They were also known for mindblowing live performances, performing very short songs about life, nature, politics, vegan lifestyle, human/animal rights, all strongly wrapped up in DIY ethos full package.

The band members were no strangers to other genres and they were/are also involved in the scene through various bands like Panaceja, Amok, Lunar, Nikad, Razlog Za, Ponor and many others.

This discography tape includes a total of 47 songs compiled from the split LP with AK47, 10 song session from The Acracy Discourse CD, songs from the tape with No Abuse, both songs from the 7″ splits with Brivido and Unison as well as some other studio recordings from various compilations, etc.

Limited to 120 pro dubbed copies. Each copy comes with 16-page A5 booklet.

Tape will be ready to ship on 22nd April. 

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