Swallow’s Rose Release Video For So Sail On

Swallow's Rose
Photo by Florian Obermeier

Set your sails – the future awaits! Sounds good, but sometimes it’s not that easy … be it due to insecurities or even more serious mental illnesses, sometimes going on feels impossible. While drifting on the open sea in your own thoughts, there seems to be no land in sight. Swallow’s Rose take on this theme in their fourth and final single before album release So Sail On.

On the one hand, the melodic punk anthem reports relentlessly honestly about the dark thoughts that depression can put in your head and make you doubt everything. On the other hand, Swallow’s Rose find just the right words to break out of those thoughts. Because no matter what storm you had to fight through – you’re still here!

Neither storm nor tidal waves
Knocked you off the course no way
So sail on
Neither rain nor hurricanes
Have caused that you fall from grace
So sail on

The accompanying video skillfully underlines this emotional liberation blow skillfully and was shot and edited by Tobias Poiger in the studio of Pixeltypen.

The new album Downfall will be released on April 29, 2022 on SBÄM Records.

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