Captain Asshole Premiere New video, Pre-Orders For Their New Album Start Today

Captain Asshole
Photo by Tooney Pham

On April 15 the album of the German melodic punk rock band will be released via SBÄM and Say-10, “Apocalypse Tomorrow” is the last foretaste. The video is released today, the SIngle on all streaming platforms on Friday, 18.03. Today, Wednesday, the presale for the new album begins.

Apocalypse Now? Apocalypse Later? Apocalypse Whenever! That’s the title of the latest and final single of Captain Asshole’s new album Successfully Not Giving Up before it hits the shelves. 

Screeching guitar feedback and blasting drums mark the beginning of the end of times atmosphere the song is creating, and it becomes rather obvious once the opening line hits: well it’s been a bad day I watched our planet die… The song deals with our millennial generation’s disillusion in relation to ongoing disasters like the climate crisis but also couldn’t be more urgent in times of pandemic and war in central Europe. Musically it continues much more uplifting than initially assumed and it even finds some hope lyrically, true to the theme of Successfully Not Giving Up: I still think we have to keep on fighting for what we believe in.

As with previous releases the titular Captain Asshole shows up for at least one video. But in a twist of fate now the hunter becomes the hunted. 

„Successfully Not Giving Up“ releases April 15 2022 via SBÄM Records, US release via SAY-10 Records. 

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