IWLD - I'm Trying

IWLD – I’m Trying

IWLD - I'm Trying

UK-based solo artist IWLD recently released a debut single. I’m Trying leans towards calmer and slower post-rock waters, decorated by dozen elements borrowed from complementary genres. Besides the sheer dominance of soothing post-rock sound, there are vividly hearable sonic ingredients taken from genres such as cinematic ambient, classic ambient, downtempo, shoegaze, dream pop, and indie rock. IWLD thoroughly combined these elements into a colossal slab of pleasant guitar maneuvers, calm virtuosities, ear-appealing chord progressions, melodies, and harmonies. The slow, relaxing rhythm remains the same from scratch to finish, so this marvelous composition may sound hypnotic to some listeners.

IWLD - I'm Trying

I’m Trying is such a perfect introduction to the luxurious sound of IWLD. There arent many instrumental artists who can brag with outstanding debut singles like this one. Right with the initial notes and beats of this number, you’ll notice that IWLD thoroughly planned each maneuver to satisfy even the pickiest ears of the beforementioned genres. I’m Trying possesses many qualities, so it is also suitable for those listeners who’re not into downtempo ambient post-rock music at all. Therefore, I highly advise you to check out this number. I’m Trying is available on all streaming platforms.






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