Prince Of Lillies Released A New Video

Prince Of Lillies

Crete, Greece’s Prince Of Lilies just released “Feel Pain”, the lead single from their forthcoming sophomore studio album ‘Hurst’ that was recorded in Chicago, USA once again by Nirvana noise-guru Steve Albini. 

Here’s what the band said about the track: “Feel Pain is about being totally lost and in the process of losing control of your life and just not knowing where to go when you are so far down on the ground. But you can always remember the ones you hurt on that way down, and ask for forgiveness. If you can forgive all others, then you can also forgive yourself. Life is worth living so don’t give up. Become humble and begin anew.” 

Watch the skateboarding footage infused video below that features Mario “Stoker” Sulka, a local surfer of the CST (Cretan Surf Tribe), which all band members of Prince Of Lilies are also members of.

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