Wanted Noise Premiered A New Video For Clench

Wanted Noise

San Diego surf/skate punks Wanted Noise have dropped a music video for their latest single “Clench.” Look out for their new album ‘Next Generation,’ coming soon.

Suryendra Sherman (guitar/vocals) says, _”‘Clench’ is about clenching your fists and pushing through when life gets hard. It’s about the celebration when your hard work finally pays off. Originally written by our bassist Jin in the early days of our band around late 2014, this song has been re-written over and over again and turned into a collaborative work, with each member of the band contributing significantly to the songwriting process.” –

Wanted Noise. A bunch of loud, obnoxious, and handsome dudes who love to play distorted instruments in cool places. Bringing back that SoCal punk sound with a twist and shake of today’s modern hits. They’ll play venues, bars, backstage, backyard, your home, garage, next to your pool, in your pool, wherever the sun sets.

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