Kill Shelter & Antipole Announce Deluxe Album With A Single

Kill Shelter & Antipole

Following the sell out of their debut collaboration album, Kill Shelter and Antipole have just launched a new single entitled “All For Nothing” to accompany the release of the deluxe edition of “A Haunted Place” on Manic Depression Records.

Already a firm fan favourite, the latest single follows on from where their cross-genre single “Raise the Skies” left off. With their unique blend of euphoria and melancholy, the new single sees their trademark duelling guitars, catchy hooks and dance floor rhythms come to the fore in this dark contemporary anthem.

Kill Shelter & Antipole - A Haunted Place

“Like all the tracks on “A Haunted Place”, this is another song written from the heart. Playing out themes of deceit, infidelity and betrayal, “All For Nothing” is about the end of things but for the better not the worse. It can be hard to make difficult decisions especially when complex emotions are involved – it’s about having the strength to put yourself first. It’s definitely not a love song.” – Pete Burns – Kill Shelter

“All For Nothing’ is one of the tracks from the album that people picked up on immediately so it’s fitting that this is the single to support the second pressing of the album. We really weren’t prepared for the fantastic reaction to the album and it’s exciting to see it get another release. – Karl Morten Dahl – Antipole

The deluxe edition of A Haunted Place on transparent violet vinyl with lyric sheet and natural kraft card CD Digipak with booklet is out now via Manic Depression Records and the artists’ Bandcamp pages.

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