The Individual: Coldharbour Released New Single Feat. Damen Sparks


Cincinnati metalcore outfit Coldharbour teamed up with vocalist Damen Sparks on their new offering ‘The Individual‘, which is the new peek on the forthcoming debut full-length record ‘Soul Tempest’, set to be released on March 4th, via Hollowed Records / Kontrolla Music Group. 

Stream/purchase ‘The Individual’ HERE
Pre-order ‘Soul Tempest’ the debut album HERE

In regards to the track, the band states, ““The Individual” comes as the second part of the lyrical trilogy in Soul Tempest. The lyrics reflect a time in society where depression is at an all time high while the pursuit for power and technological advances is at a high. The trade offs are obvious, but those in charge still yearn for power versus changing the course of society’s direction. While society starves, authoritarian powers press on utilizing them as tools versus serving who they swore to protect. The Individual contrasts “The Rhetorician” lyrically and sonically, taking on a more aggressive role compared to the sad/blue tone in the prior. While the reality of attaining power is sad, it is nothing compared to the fury of a belittled people.”

Originating in Cincinnati, OH, Coldharbour is a 4-piece metalcore band. Originally the band started as a for-fun “serious” side project from some of the members from BROJOB. Since then, Coldharbour has taken its own melodic, yet devastatingly heavy form. Progressive roots in percussion and bass compliment the ambient guitar leads, coupled with ferocious rhythm guitar cadences. To match this orthodox energy comes booming gutturals, shrieky highs, and eruptive hardcore-rooted screaming, with a touch of haunting clean vocals to match.

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