Hell Can Wait - Love.Loss.Hope.Fear. CD EP - Engineer Records / Genet Records

Hell Can Wait – Love.Loss.Hope.Fear. CD EP (Engineer Records / Genet Records)

Here is another one of the recent releases by Engineer Records. It’s a collaborative release between this prolific British record label and Belgian Genet Records. If you paid close attention to our pages a couple of months ago, you probably noticed some posts about this band. Hell Can Wait is a melodic hardcore quintet from Brighton, UK. Love.Loss.Hope.Fear. is their debut extended play, heavily promoted with four outstanding singles by Engineer Records, Genet Records, and the band itself. Seriously, if you caught up with activities of this melodic hardcore band, it’s obvious they burst with enormous quality. Therefore, I will talk about this debut EP a little bit more today.

Love.Loss.Hope.Fear carries six energetic melodic hardcore numbers that follow all the contemporary trends of the scene. Still, that doesn’t mean Hell Can Wait sounds like the other groups that currently roam the beforementioned scene. Quite the contrary, the band invested some impressive ideas while making this material, so Love.Loss.Hope.Fear sounds fresh, unique, and entertaining from scratch to finish. You could even notice with those aforementioned singles that this band sounds completely different from the remainder of the melodic hardcore scene. Of course, some recognizable moves, maneuvers, and acrobatics are there, but Hell Can Wait tries to avoid repetition as much as possible. Judging by Love.Loss.Hope.Fear, they successfully did it.

Hell Can Wait solely relies upon darkened, saddened, melancholic, emotive melodies, harmonies, and themes. Still, the group incorporates massive riffs, chord progressions, and palm-muted chugs on the other side of the sonic spectrum. The band continuously levitates somewhere between melodic and heavy sides, with the energetic low-end notes and rhythmic performances involved during the entire process. The basslines contribute to the massiveness of their sound, while the exceptional drumming performance delivers fast-paced, mid and half-time beats. The lead vocalist delivers the messages through a characteristic mix of shouts and screams. It’s a singing technic that works in advantage of these songs. As I said before, Hell Can Wait invested brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship in their debut extended play, so you should check out this recording as soon as possible. Love.Loss.Hope.Fear is available on compact disc (Engineer Records) and vinyl record (Genet Records). Pick up your weapon of choice and blast it loud.




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