Smoking Goose Release A Brand New Album About Extinction

Smoking Goose has been one of the hardest-working bands in Korea for nearly a decade. “About Extinction” was released on November 23rd by World Domination, Inc and features 12 new tracks with lightning-fast drums, catchy guitar hooks, and crisp melodic melodies and harmonies that have gained the band’s attention all over Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Smoking Goose was formed in Daejeon City in 2010. After several years of releasing EPs and singles, the band was forced to take a 2-year break for Korea’s mandatory military service. While many Korean bands are never heard from again after that, Smoking Goose came back as an absolute force.

They released their first full-length album “Pieces of Mind” in 2018. It featured sixteen pop-punk tracks full of energy and positivity that propelled Smoking Goose to the forefront of the Korean scene. The release of the album also started 2 years of non-stop gigging all over Asia. Smoking Goose has toured through Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, played Taiwan’s Punk Strike Fest and Unlimited Freedom Fest twice, and has seemingly played every venue in South Korea. All of this helped them gain national recognition. They won MTV’s “Aloft Star” award and were named one of the top emerging acts in the country through the Emergenza competition.

In 2019, Smoking Goose released their next EP “Struggles,” a 5-song album that showed major growth in the band’s songwriting. Despite touring plans being cut short by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Smoking Goose spent 2020 and 2021 staying as busy as possible. They live-streamed shows, released three singles, and most importantly, wrote and recorded their new full-length album “About Extinction.”

Leading up to the release of “About Extinction,” Smoking Goose released a series of live videos premiering the album’s songs one-by-one. With the release of the new album, the band will be spending 2022 making up for lost time with more touring in and out of Korea. They will also be featured on the upcoming Korean punk compilation album “Them & Us 3.”

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