Abrasive Trees Announce New Single Featuring Seb Rochford

“Stunning” (BBC Intro), post-punk sonic explorers Abrasive Trees are set to release their fifth single, Replenishing Water on Friday 3rd December.  The instrumental comes in at over 5 minutes and sees Mercury-nominated Seb Rochford on drums recorded in his father’s living room during the lockdown in Scotland.  The track also features Evi Vine band members Steven Hill and Ben Roberts, alongside Rothko’s Mark Beazley.

Matthew said of the release: “Deep in the midsts of 2020’s despair, I recorded this song wanting to really express how I felt just through layers of distortion and delay.  Whilst it’s inspired by that need we all have to care for ourselves – it’s also connected to that need to find catharsis. I really felt that what I was expressing was very direct and unfiltered. Seb, Ben, Steven, and Mark added so much to make it a track with many layers and dimensions.”

On Friday 3rd Dec this single will be available via the band’s Bandcamp page as a download and 10″ vinyl. The artwork is from artist/musician Peter Yates from Fields of The Nephilim.

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