Icarus by The Dead Krazukies Is Being Re-Pressed

For the first anniversary of the French skatepunk band’s second album, SBÄM Records and Sound Speed Records are re-releasing “Icarus”. Pre-order starts tomorrow with a new video for the song “Black Pearl”.

On November 20, 2020, “Icarus” saw the light of day: The most successful album of the French skate-punk band The Dead Krazukies to date is now being reissued by SBÄM Records and Sound Speed Records (USA/Canada). Fans of Useless ID, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Venerea and the like might already know the female fronted band. After their debut album in 2016 they are touring constantly and all over Europe; in 2019 they even had the honor to open the Punk In Drublic Festival and share the stage with legends like NOFX. 

The Dead Krazukies - Icarus

The pre-order on 19.11. the Krazukies start with a new video and namely to the song “Black Pearl”, which is presented on Punknews.org. In the fourth video for the songs on “Icarus” the Dead Krazukies swing the pirate sabers: “No money, no time, no plan? no problem! Here’s Black Pearl, the shittiest Pirates of the Carribean parody movie ever. Some lousy costumes, a green-screen canvas and free footage from the internet and let’s go!” says drummer Philippe about the video.

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