Three Seminal Recordings From Texas Post Punk Outfit Red Animal War To Be Released On Vinyl

Thirty Something Records has launched pre-orders for three Red Animal War titles, including two (2001’s ‘Breaking In An Angel’ and 2004’s ‘Polizida’) that have never before been released on vinyl, until now.

The Texas post punk outfit formed in 1998. 4 full lengths, 2 EPs and a slew of 7-inches and compilation appearances garnered enough fans to tour nationally & internationally. Without a specific genre to be tied to, the band moves fluidly between start-stop dynamics and stoner sludge.

Red Animal War

With a name taken from Stephen Crane’s ‘The Red Badge of Courage’, the band’s catalog features albums recorded with the likes of J. Robbins, Ed Rose and Darrell LaCour.

“The greater part of the untested men appeared quiet and absorbed. They were going to look at war, the red animal—war, the blood-swollen god.”

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