Masada Are Back With A Brand New Album

The almost forgotten screamo band Masada is back with a new album! More than six years ago the four lads from Erlangen, Germany, surprised the scene with their debut full-length and their late 90s, early 2000s screamo sound. It may have taken quiet a while, but we’re more than stoked to release the band’s second album today!


On their second album effort, which is simply titled “II”, Masada combine all bits of screamo elements the listeners love about that music: Guitars which can be dissonant and distorted as well as melodic and clean, a heavy and driving bass that makes the music as fluent and groovy as possible, pounding and fast drums. And then there are those arsh screams which turn into beautiful singing vocals. “II” is an exquisit piece of work that is made for all people who’s hearts beat for raw screamo-/post-hardcore-ish music.


“II” was recorded live in September 2020 and then mixed and mastered by screamo legend Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, Bucket Full Of Teeth) at Dead Air Studios.

“II” is out now digitally on all streaming platforms.
Vinyl will be out in January 2022, hopefully followed by a lot live shows.

Labels: I.Corrupt.Records (Germany), Sad React Records (Denmark), Pundonor Records (Spain), Fireflies Fall (France), Longrail Records (Italy), Zegema Beach Records (US/Canada)

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