Sitzpinker Shares A New Single And Video

Let’s take a trip together to… “Sudan“! Brand-new single from Serbian band Sitzpinker is a voyage into the unknown: passionate indie-rock with eastern influences, hypnotic lyrics and groovy melody. The song is available on all streaming platforms.

“Sudan” is the first new song for the Sitzpinker after a year and everything is different! Someone may think that it could sound as if Altın Gün is channeling Savages or it’s just how a young band sounds after a pandemic, when each new song can expand the world around them and set new boundaries. “Sudan” was recorded in Down There Studio, produced by Andrej Mladenović.

The video for “Sudan” is a universe in itself. Erotic, rhythmic, danceable and irresistible. Director Sara Radulović and cameraman Filip Tasić made a euphoric-depressive millennial cinéma vérité in modest production conditions.

Expect much more from this young Serbian quartet, new single “Mustang” will be ready before the end of the year!

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