Nobody Answers Questions: Geenger Records Presents Ippio Payo & Genelabo, The Newest Addition To Its Roster

Geenger Records presents Nobody Answers Questions by Ippio Payo & Genelabo, the latest addition to its roster. Their collaborative debut EP is out today, and you can hear it in its entirety on Bandcamp. The LP version comes at the end of October.

After countless collaborations between Josip Pavlov and Gene Aichner over the last 12 years, “N A Q” represents uncharted waters for both of them. With only the most basic equipment, they face the passage. Their mutual understanding, musically and artistically, invites the audience aboard.

Everyone embarks on a journey in the belly of a ship – that means it’s crampy but also snuggly – uncomfortable, intimate, close but unsighted – a journey into the unknown full of questions – who will be answering them?

Photo By Peter A. Pfaff

This is a co-release with Echokammer ‎/ ek092

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