Micko Roche

Micko Roche Premieres Sióg EP

Micko Roche

Waterford, Ireland based songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Micko Roche unveils his brand new extended play called Sióg. This particular material carries four profoundly detailed compositions purposely named in the Gaelic language, while the fifth number is an extended version of the fourth track. The music of Micko Roche spans over so many genres that it’s difficult to encompass them all in one listening. His music is unquestionably difficult to classify into the singular genre, mainly because of the specter of his musical interests, which are all present in his compositions. Sióg offers Roche‘s perspective on cinematic ambient, decorated with several other genres, such as drone, Irish folk, electronic, chillout, and post-rock.

Each composition has its meaning. The introduction piece Sióg (Tús) represents the dawning of life, Sióg (Saol) is an ode to life, freedom and living, Sióg (Contráth) indicates the twilight of life, while Sióg (Fáigáil) represents a departure. The extended version of Sióg (Fáigáil) contains soaring guitars and extra chorus, so these two elements are spicing it up a little bit. Micko Roche performs every instrument present on this material, recorded at his home studio. His experience is vividly hearable during the entire recording, and thoughtfully assembled compositions are showcasing all his creativity and brilliance. Sióg EP is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.







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