Jason Keisling Shares His Latest Single As If The Sea Should Part

Washington, DC solo artist Jason Keisling shares his latest work, As If The Sea Should Part. This particular composition is an alternate version of his previous work with the same name, but the new version offers more ambient aesthetics. Keisling is a member of Post-Everything Collective and has collaborated with Angular Momentum Records to produce this track for an ambient compilation album that they released. The original version of the composition gathered positive feedback from the broader auditorium and received Wammie Award. On this particular number, Jason Keisling performs instruments, such as piano, guitar, bass, synths, strings, and percussion. He’s inspired by the music of Hans Zimmer, Explosions in the Sky, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Hum, Porcupine Tree, Sigur Ros, Miaou, so you may hear some similarities with these artists/bands while listening to As If The Sea Should Part.

Keisling said: “The song is about reflecting on what is to come. The title comes from an Emily Dickenson poem about eternity: “Of Periods of Seas — / Unvisited of Shores.” Periods of seas beget more seas, “themselves the verge of seas to be.” The other version will be the album opener and sets the tone for the journey that will follow. While writing it I imagined someone sitting on a shoreline and looking out at the endless sea that they will soon explore”.

Jason Keisling

The artist explores the vast universe of cinematic ambient sound but remains true to the original melodies, harmonies, atmospheres, and drones of the original composition. The song follows the exact theme shown in the original version, but it excludes rhythmic segments. By that, Keisling demonstrated how this number could sound equally good without rhythmic support. There’s something soothing, cathartic and beautiful in this version that will hold on your playlist for so long. As If The Sea Should Part (Ambient Version) is available on streaming services such as Spotify, and YouTube.

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