Weatherworn - Postcards LP

Postcards: Weatherworn Releases A Sophomore LP

Weatherworn - Postcards LP

Northern Virginia’s Weatherworn has just published their sophomore LP “Postcards.” The album emphasizes the recent single “Jets To Muncy” (featuring AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer).

Drawing influence from bands like Saves the Day, the Get Up Kids, and Taking Back Sunday, Weatherworn presents a new spin on the early ‘00s music scene: a dual vocal style, with rich, rhythmic dynamics capsulizes a balance in polarity.

Weatherworn – In their own words:

“Making this album was an amazing experience. I am proud of the end result and of all the work everyone put in it to make it come together.” – Jack

“Crafting Postcards, for me, was a turning point in song development. The name of the game was balance. Each instrument has it’s focal point; each song builds gradually through the use of dynamics. Watching this album come to life, from the ground up has been an incredible experience.” – Joey

“This release is a rediscovery of myself and what I’ve been missing. The experience of recording bought back my love for making music again.” – Dylan

“Nothing makes you feel like a teenager again like living in a studio for a week with your buds. We got away from our lives and problems. Whenever we were recording we got to be musicians and nothing else.” – Steven







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