PKEW PKEW PKEW – + One LP (Bearded Punk Records)

PKEW PKEW PKEW - + One LP - Bearded Punk Records

PKEW PKEW PKEW is a Canadian skatepunk quartet based in Toronto, Ontario. The group is active for nearly a decade, but it was not until 2012 when they released their first official 7” recording named Red Ass. One year later, PKEW PKEW PKEW published what would become their debut album called Glory Days. However, their second self-titled full-length installation received multiple reincarnations. This particular material firstly received publishing treatment by Royal Mountain Records in 2016. Side One Dummy released it once again in 2017, and then after a couple of years in 2019, this material got another re-issue at Bearded Punk Records. Later on, the group released even more records like Passed Out 7”, Mon Cheri Marie 7”, a single named 65 singles, Optimal Lifestyles LP, but I will talk a little bit further about their self-titled LP.

The initial pressing on Royal Mountain Records had twelve songs, but the second pressing on Side One Dummy has a bonus number. The Bearded Punk Records pressing, which I am holding in my hands today, has the same amount of songs as a Side One Dummy pressing. PKEW PKEW PKEW is entirely into singalongish pop-punk music, performed with so much sense. Their music may sound a bit abrasive for some pop-punk standards, but that’s whats gives a bit more flavor to this group. I would say their music leans more towards the nineties pop-punk sound than modern pop-punk music, so if you’re into slightly dirty sounding pop-punk with hints of power pop, PKEW PKEW PKEW will unquestionably be right up your alley. Still, the group includes some contemporary pop-punk arrangements during the album.

Each composition includes an even more detailed approach to this particular genre, pervaded with smaller chunks of melodic punk rock and skate punk. These explorations into slightly aggressive but complementary subgenres of punk rock are not spoiling their initial direction. Quite the contrary, the compositions are becoming more complex, while the continuous singalongs during these numbers are layering these songs with another dosage of melodies. The complete material acts like a flawlessly assembled story narrated by an experienced storyteller, mainly because these songs are meddling between each other in one way or another.

Bearded Punk Records wisely took charge of publishing and distributing this material in Europe. It would be such a shame to sleep on this one because it possesses millions of qualities, cleverly implemented within these thirteen songs. This particular album comes on a cherry cola variant vinyl. Head over to Bearded Punk Records for more detailed information about ordering.

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