City Of Industry - False Flowers LP - Amerikan Aesthetics Records

City Of Industry – False Flowers LP (Amerikan Aesthetics Records)

City Of Industry - False Flowers LP - Amerikan Aesthetics

City Of Industry are making a proper comeback with another compelling release. For those who somehow missed this band, City Of Industry is a darkened hardcore trio originating from Seattle, Washington. False Flowers represents their third full-length album, released by Amerikan Aesthetics Records a couple of days ago. Besides this material, City Of Industry also released loads of other recordings such as a debut self-titled EP, a single named Guilt EP, American Habits Are Hard To Break LP and Conspire Conspire LP, which we covered on our pages a while ago. False Flowers entirely follows the aesthetics of their previous recordings, so this full-length serves as a proper continuation of the group, which delivers loads of exciting moments.

False Flowers consists of thirteen thoughtfully structured compositions that are merging the essentials of darkened hardcore, post-hardcore, emotive hardcore, crust punk, and powerviolence all together in a polyphonous harmony. This material was heavily promoted by a couple of singles such as Cabbages And Kings, Broken Cisterns Hold No Water, but also through the tireless posting about it over social media. The City Of Industry shaped up their articulations according to the musical genres they’re feeling the most comfortable with, and their confidence while performing these numbers is unquestionably hearable. The entire group showcases tremendous musicianship, empowered by exceptional songwriting, composing, and arranging. False Flowers contains loads of bright ideas that will indulge your listening apparatus no matter if you’re admiring melodic hardcore or crust punk music.

Their sonic maneuvers are undoubtfully specific in so many ways. The group explores all the possibilities, examines aesthetics, experiments with different ideas, and takes all the best affinities of each involved genre. Therefore, you may hear the calmness of emotive hardcore overlayered by some post-hardcore acrobatics or blistering crust punk riffages fully decorated by the massiveness of a very dynamic rhythm section. Still, City Of Industry makes enough room for some proto-grunge, post-rock, indie rock accentuations along the way by defying the rigorous rules of the abovementioned genres. Every following sequence outstands the preceding one with even more mindblowing decorations liberated by the entire band.

The beauty of False Flowers is laying deep inside the group’s understanding for balance within the genres they’re ultimately exploring through their music. City Of Industry is approaching all these genres with unreserved love and devotion, which articulates in a very strange but pleasing manner. False Flowers liberates enough power to crush all the bones within your body but also offers some healing moments during the entire recording. Everything about this record is deep, dark, meaningful, and beautiful in some strange but reasonable manner. False Flowers represents a true masterpiece of darkened hardcore, showcased by the musicians who’re entirely aware of the imperfections of contemporary society.

False Flowers is coming on a coke bottle clear and translucent lava variants, but the vinyl is also available in various bundles, including a crew neck, long sleeve, and a regular shirt. The album is also available at all streaming services if you more prefer digital streaming music. Head over to the City Of Industry Bandcamp page or Amerikan Aesthetics website and pick up this melodic hardcore masterpiece.



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