Repetitor - Prazan Prostor Među Nama Koji Može I Da Ne Postoji CD - Moonlee Records

Repetitor – Prazan Prostor Među Nama Koji Može I Da Ne Postoji CD (Moonlee Records)

Repetitor - Prazan Prostor Među Nama Koji Može I Da Ne Postoji CD - Moonlee Records

Repetitor are making a proper comeback after a four-year break, with their fourth full-length recording named Prazan Prostor Izmedju Nas Koji Može I Da Ne Postoji. Previously, the group has released recordings such as Sve Što Vidim Je Prvi Put, Dobrodošli Na Okean, and Gde Ćeš. They are mainly responsible for bringing the then vulnerable Belgrade alternative rock scene back on the map. However, their specific sonic articulations also gathered them almost a cult-like following over the entire Balkan region. These factors directly resulted in the appearance of many similar groups, who’re attempting to mimic their abrasive approach to alternative rock music.

This lengthy title carries eight compelling numbers in less than 23 minutes and introduces a more furious, concise, but detailed sound of the band. Prazan Prostor Izmedju Nas Koji Može I Da Ne Postoji represents the shortest recording to date in their longevous career. The album also includes a better-sounding production that undoubtfully uplifts the musicianship of the complete trio on an entirely new level. Perhaps their music falls under the fundamentals of alternative rock, but Repetitor are embracing a wide array of complementary genres under the branch. You may hear elements of garage punk, punk rock, noise rock, grunge, stoner rock thoroughly incorporated into their abrasive sonic articulations, but the trio tends to keep things direct, effective, and on point as much as possible.

Repetitor are still avoiding some writing, songwriting, and arranging traditions by removing obvious composing cliches. The group is detaching refrains from their energetic musical expression and replaces these vital building elements with various sonic maneuvers and experimentations. Nevertheless, these experimentations with songwriting fundamentals are working quite impressive to their advantage, and all the involved musicians are fully aware of the repetitious ambiance they’re liberating with their orchestrations. Therefore, the band is profoundly examining the current atmosphere, embracing the current situation, and applying various experimentations that are vividly hearable throughout the entire album.

These experimentations are falling under the aesthetics of the beforementioned genres like garage punk or noise-rock. However, sometimes the fuzziness liberated by the guitars resembles more of a grunge, stoner, or sludge ambiance. The chord progressions delivered throughout the entire material are grasping all the best affinities of alternative music but also operating completely chaotic when necessary. The beautiful low-end sounds of the bass guitar are provoking some similarities to classic seventies punk rock or post-punk music, but the occasional additions of distortion are leaning towards much modern sound specific for the nineties noise rock scene. The energetic drumming performance surrenders enough dynamics over appropriate riffages but also provides an extra layer of noise by constant splashing over the cymbals. Every tone, articulation, or sequence is thoughtfully incorporated to illustrate the noisy imagery of the group.

Prazan Prostor Izmedju Nas Koji Može I Da Ne Postoji showcases an improved sound of Repetitor, empowered by the latest trends in music production. The group managed to record another great material, which bursts with loads of entertaining moments. For those who’re not familiar with the sound of this trio, Prazan Prostor Izmedju Nas Koji Može I Da Ne Postoji will suit the followers of alternative, garage punk, punk rock, post-punk, noise rock, and grunge, combined to perfection. The album comes on vinyl and compact disc. The compact disc comes in jewel case packaging with a folded booklet that includes all the vital information about this recording, the group, the lyric sheet, and some info about the record label. The visual identity of this material is simplistic, minimalistic, but meaningful and on point. Head over to Moonlee Records and pick up this album if you’re into some abrasive alternative rock music.




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