Stöj Snak - Life, Death And Everything In Between LP - Geenger Records

Stöj Snak – Life, Death And Everything In Between LP (Various Labels)

Stöj Snak - Life, Death And Everything In Between LP - Geenger Records

What started as a solo outlet, gradually became an engaging folk-punk band. Niels Højgaard Sørensen started Stöj Snak with the sole purpose to deliver raging acoustic compositions up on the plate, filled with engaging storytelling, which is mainly hearable through delicate lyrics. The group suddenly grew up into the quartet, empowered by the addition of Rasmus Glassau Clausen, Jeppe Nørgaard, and Jesper Olsen. Some of these musicians were involved in previous works by this interesting outlet, but it seems they become permanent band members at this recording. Since 2012, Stöj Snak managed to record an impressive amount of releases, such as Songs About Beliefs 7”, Planned Obsolescence EP, Planned Obsolescence Redux, Songs About Beliefs Redux, Fuck EP, Happitalism EP, ScreamerSongwriter LP, 1000 Daisies EP, a split EP with Speed Dinosaurs named The Mass Extinction, and Lucid Moments EP. Therefore, their brand new album entitled Life, Death And Everything In Between represents a second full-length offering to the broader auditorium.

Like their previous records, Life, Death, And Everything In Between comes with meaningful artwork, marvelously executed by Niels Højgaard Sørensen. His ability to convey the message through visual solutions is utterly tremendous, and his eye-peeling illustrations are straightforwardly catching attention. He decided to illustrate an anatomical cross-section that vividly showcases a dumpster full of garbage burning within the human skull. Perhaps this illustration demonstrates how overthinking about important and unimportant things in life can seriously do nothing but harm to your health. Whatever may be the case, the author left a perfect platform for debate or enough room for each consumer to decide for himself.

Life, Death And Everything In Between carries twelve marvelous folk-punk compositions, decorated by raging high-pitched chants and energetic acoustic performance. The lead vocals are ranging from profoundly melodic chants and classic shoutouts to various screaming maneuvers. This collection of songs encompasses all the essential qualities of punk rock music, entirely adapted for acoustic guitar and following instruments. The acoustic guitar acts as the principal instrument on this recording, while the remaining portion of the group maintains rhythmical motions and various accentuations. Some traditional folk-punk instruments like a washboard are supplying stability to the harmonies delivered by acoustic guitar. Occasional rhythmic appearances performed over a snare drum are providing a bit of freshness to particular compositions. You may also detect an additional emergence of harmonica, which surrenders another layer of melodies over acoustic guitar. Considering that Stöj Snak is an acoustic band, their music simultaneously bursts with dynamics and power.

Lyrics are equally important as visual identity and polyphonous performance. These numbers are dealing with love, relationships, friendships, problems, various situations, and circumstances. Life, Death And Everything In Between examines all the spheres of life span but also offers political and societal commentary. Nevertheless, political and societal criticism is seized to a minimum, but it’s still notable. On this particular material, Stöj Snak solely focuses on a philosophical, poetic, and realistic approach to vital questions about every topic that struck upon an ordinary man. Therefore, the lyrics are beautiful, detailed, marvelously written, and well-structured.

Life, Death And Everything In Between comes on vinyl, and it’s available in gold, blue/black splatter, yellow, and pink variants. The album is available thanks to a collaboration between Geenger Records, 5FeetUnder Records, Angry Music Records, D.I.Y. Kolo Records, Entes Anomicos, Make-That-A-Take Records, TNS Records, and Youlooklikeshit Records. As you can see, there’s plenty of options to obtain this record, so pick up your favorite label and treat yourself with this fine piece of folk-punk music.




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