This Is A Standoff – Be Excited LP – Re-Issue (Mud Cake Records)

This Is A Standoff - Be Excited LP - Re-Issue - Mud Cake Records

I have to admit I am running a bit late with this announcement, but better late than never. For the first time, Be Excited by This Is A Standoff is available on the vinyl record! This debut by longstanding practitioners of technically precise skate punk sound is a must for every punk rocker who demands a more progressive approach to this particular genre. Formed by members of a renowned Canadian skate punk legends Belvedere, this recording played a crucial role in shaping the sound of the band, which became quite popular over the years.

Unlike any other band before, This Is A Standoff maintained a perfect balance between profoundly melodic structures and aggressive rhythmical arrangements, but these ingredients were subtle enough not to spoil all the fun. Be Excited pairs up delicate moments, mainly showcased through very personal lyrics with music that quite often levitates between skatepunk and metal. Considering that half of a band were or still are involved in Belvedere, every sonic maneuver is detailed to the max, but also leaving enough space for the remaining portion of involved musicians to express themselves. Numbers such as Better Than All Of Us, You Won’t Pass, Where I Can’t Be Heard, Silvio, Underwater, Affliction, are just some of the highlights, but you’ll be completely blown away by the entire album.

Be Excited can be easily classified among the best skatepunk albums, and undoubtfully represents a true classic of the genre. The vinyl version comes with a re-designed cover artwork, done by John Meloche. It includes an original front cover photo in translucent yellow, but this time improved by torn apart black background. The cover artwork carries some grunge effects layered over the entire packaging, so this version satisfies contemporary trends in graphic design. The vinyl itself comes in three different variants. Solid yellow/black/white striped vinyl and transparent yellow/black/white splatter are coming in 150 copies each, while transparent yellow/black color in color are coming in 200 copies. The entire packaging looks eye-peeling and goes perfect with the presented music. Make sure to preserve your physical copy on time, since the stock is going out rapidly fast. Check out the Mud Cake Records web store for more detailed info about ordering.

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