FAIM – Hollow Hope LP (Safe Inside Records)

FAIM - Hollow Hope LP - Safe Inside Records

FAIM is powerful hardcore machinery originating from Denver, Colorado. Right from their start in late 2016, the group delivered a very heartening mixture of politically engaged lyrics and ferocious hardcore punk music. The group worked hard to gain respect on the local scene, and their effort undoubtedly paid off through wholeheartedly performed numbers that shine bright with pure intelligence. Since their formation, FAIM shared the stage with some renowned groups such as Judge, Sick Of It All, Have Heart, Modern Life Is War, Defeater, Ceremony, and these appearances gained them even more exposure. Besides live performances, the band published a debut demo cassette, a self-titled 7” record, and a split 7” with Lift and Discourage.

Hollow Hope is their latest offering to the broader auditorium. This particular album is also their debut full-length record that represents a comprehensive collection of politically charged hardcore punk songs. FAIM examines the current political climate in the states, talks about political apathy and ever-present injustices in life, praises the Black Lives Matter movement and racial equality in general, encourages class struggle, and exposes abusers within the hardcore scene. The band also questions the power of the individual to change things for the better and seeks strength through unity. These lyrics are representing a personal stance about current circumstances in the states, and they are offering enough insights on how to change surroundings to achieve a much healthier society. Ferocious female lead vocals are a perfect catalyst for these thematics, and the band appears threatening throughout the entire record.

Hollow Hope appears with enormous dynamics, powerful enough to tear down everything in the broader radius. FAIM includes their version of hardcore punk music by levitating somewhere in between old school and new school hardcore music. The group incorporates some contemporary beatdowns, downbeat tempos, breaks, but mainly focuses on vigorous rhythmical maneuvers followed by some powerviolence blastbeats. Drumming performance offers enough acrobatics to keep you entertained during the entire recording. Guitars are firing thoughtfully arranged guitar shreds with such ease. At some moments, lead guitars are offering some minimal melodic thematics, while the rhythm guitar bursts with tremendous riffages in the background. These guitar dualities are bursting with generous dosages of relentless darkness, appropriately included to embrace the lyrical thematics covered on the album. Compelling low-end tones are levitating somewhere beneath all these orchestrations, but the engaging basslines are more than hearable throughout the entire recording.

Hollow Hope represents a remarkable cross-section of the contemporary hardcore punk scene. FAIM offers an exceptional debut album stacked with crushing dynamics, thoughtful arrangements, and insightful lyrics. The album comes with a meaningful cover artwork comprised of a character hidden behind a ski mask. The photo leaves enough impression by itself and calls out for a necessary protest against all the injustices that struck upon modern societies. Hollow Hope comes in a couple of color variants such as a coke bottle in rainbow splatter, light blue on a clear, red and white mix, and the light blue vinyl. Head over to Safe Inside Records or check out Deathwish Records web store and preserve your copy of this brilliant debut.

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