Mindforce – Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords 12″ EP (Triple B Records)


These guys are no strangers to our blog. We previously had a chance to review their full-length debut called Excalibur, an intense hardcore record that entirely goes beyond the genre. This Poughkeepsie, NY based group combines incredible musicianship with highly driven crossover thrash shreddings, but the essence of their music lays down in hardcore roots. Mindforce has previously issued dozen of recordings such as self-titled EP that has been published on cassette by Glacial Records, but also as 7” record by Trip Machine Laboratories, The Future Of… 7” that has also been published by Trip Machine Laboratories, the split 7” with Dead Head that has been issued by The Feral Planet, and Excalibur 12” LP that’s been published by Triple B Records. To be honest, all these recordings sound good, and it’s definitely hard to pick my personal favorite. Swinging Swords, Choppin Lords is their freshest contribution to the wider audiences. This powerful 12” EP has been piled with four mindblowing compositions that include all the elements of eighties crossover thrash and nineties hardcore sound. Mindforce profoundly examines these important genres, delivers the best of both worlds, and compounds them in a very dynamic recording. The material has been improved by old school production technics that reminiscent the sound of eighties thrash metal music. Predominant guitar shreddings are delivering intense palm-muted riffages, which has been saturated by subtly delayed guitar solos. The band cleverly avoids lengthy guitar solos, so these guitar maneuvers mainly serve as thoughtfully implemented decorations. Inconsiderably distorted basslines are empowering these guitar dualities with abundant low-end tones, and it seems that these basslines are providing a lot of massiveness to the entire recording. Excellent drumming performance summons the playing technics essential for the mid-nineties metalcore music. Drumming sections are effectively supporting the complete group with greatly arranged dynamic segments that are providing a lot of force to this amazing record. Perhaps the vocals are the only modern addition to the band, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sounding off. Quite the contrary, this specific singing style adds up freshness to the band and unites them with the contemporary hardcore scene. For those who are looking out for more precise definitions of their music, Mindforce draws influences from some prominent heavyweights such as Leeway, Cro-Mags, Burn, Nuclear Assault, and such acts who mix crossover thrash metal musicianship with stalwartness of hardcore music. Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords has been published by Triple B Records in dozen of color variants, but they’re currently out of stock. However, you can always purchase this impressive record digitally while you wait for a repress.

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