Cao / Keller / Siedl – Modulus Of Resilience CD (Attenuation Circuit)


Modulus Of Resilience is an experimental collaboration album between Cao Thanh Lan, Beat Keller and Gregor Siedl. Their eerie compositions travel beyond standard experimental schematics, these skillful avant-garde artists are bending all the known rules of the genre, so their numbers are reaching towards some new form of contemporary sonic art. The sound comes close to the calmy eerie experimental movie soundtracks that have been mainly used in horror, thriller and film noir movies from the late 30s till mid-50s. However, the resemblance with movie soundtracks perishes as the compositions are passing by, but the trio maintains the minimal ambient, drone and musique concrete sound. The wide specter of various noises, scratches, and all the other experimentations have been achieved by the strong presence of various standard and non-standard instruments. Cao Thanh Lan performs with prepared zither and various electronics, Beat Keller mainly performs with feedbacker electric guitar, while Gregor Siedl incorporates clarinet and electronics. All these instruments are well combined into an organized chaos, uniformed cacophony full of multiple pleasant surprises mainly notable along the way. The trio also sails in some harsh noise and experimental noise waters, but they catalyze the aggressiveness of these particular genres through the filters of minimalistic ambient sound. Modulus Of Resilience seeks your full attention throughout the entire album because of the very detailed segments, sequences and all the other elements which have been cleverly hidden by this trio throughout the album. Cao Thanh Lan, Beat Keller and Gregor Siedl undoubtfully gave their best while recording this album and their effort and involved energy are highly notable on each composition. Modulus Of Resilience has been published by Attenuation Circuit, an experimental record label from Augsburg, Germany. The label carries an impressive amount of magnificent experimental records that have been recorded by the brilliant artists, so I highly advise you to check out their website or Bandcamp page for more detailed info.

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