Swill – Point Of View CD


Swill is a melodic skatepunk trio based out Jacksonville, FL mainly known by their profoundly energetic compositions perpetuated with elements of hardcore punk music. The band has recorded a couple of releases such as Cant’s Stand You EP which has been published back in 2014. and a debut full-length album termed Fresh Air that has been published in 2017. After several years of quietness, Swill treated us with another exceptional recording named Pointed Of View. Like their preceding recordings, Swill is presenting catchy songs pervaded with blistering riffages, incredible progressive harmonies, massive sounding basslines, and ultra-dynamic drumming. Swill mainly hovers somewhere in between melodic skate punk progressions and aggressivity of fast-paced hardcore punk, but the band does that with a lot of sense. The compositions are consisting of multiple ingredients shrewdly paired till perfection, so the entire recording sounds interesting rights from the scratch until closure. Swill entirely relies on the basics of the nineties skate punk music, but these compositions are delivered with a lot more enhancements that are spanning beyond this distinctive genre. Besides incredible harmonies and other melodic virtuosities, Swill relies on magnificent drumming mainly showcased throughout fast-paced rhythms, loads of breaks and precise drum fills. Wondrous basslines are carrying these components altogether like glue with a hatful of rich warm tones. If you’re looking out for much more precise analysis, these brilliant compositions can be easily compared with the music of legendary bands such as Pennywise, Pulley, Model American, SNFU, No Fun At All or perhaps Adhesive. To put it simply, Swill undoubtfully surprised with their new mindblowing recordings. Point Of View comes with a very impressive artwork of a tremendously illustrated devil with a sparkling eye, surrounded by a very dominant yellow background. After more detailed research about the publisher, I’ve concluded that Point Of View has been published on a compact disc by the band itself, so everything has been done in the spirit of DIY ethics and you can definitely grab this immensely great EP at the Swill’s Bandcamp page.

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