Chilton – Little Birds (Dead Broke Rekerds)


Chilton is a brand new band based in Brooklyn, New York curated by Josh Carothers of IFarm & Earworms. When the Earworms disbanded in 2017, he decided to start a melodic punk rock band, so he made a call to Bill Stevenson from pioneering punk bands such as Black Flag, Descendents and ALL to jump in as a guitar player on this one. Bill agreed to join, so after writing dozens of demo tracks and picking the best ones, Josh called out Neil Nalpin of Earworms, Shems and The Last Throes to ask him if he would be interested to jump in as another guitar player. Neil was down for that, so with a little help of Devin Hoff who took the drumming duty, the band was complete. Then Josh flew to Colorado with a clear aim to record some basic tracks with Jason Livermore, co-owner of The Blasting Room which has been a studio responsible for delivering some important albums by both Descendents and ALL. The music can be best described as a brilliant mid-tempo math punk rock with a lot of influences taken from skate punk culture. The band is dealing with a lot of backbeats, precisely played math riffs, beautiful melodies and pretty neat vocals which instantly me reminded me of a Chad Price of ALL and A Vulture Wake. The band is aiming to transmit a lot of energy through technically precise melodies played by both guitars, which are sometimes dueling for dominance over pretty neat basslines. The rhythm section holds everything together, the bass is filling gaps between guitars and drums with some chunky, but warm-sounding basslines while the drums are basically foundations of the Chilton’s sound with all those odd rhythms played over the amazing music. The lyrics are on another level, intelligent, meaningful and brilliantly performed by Josh Carothers who’s clearly a musical mastermind and smart enough to invite all the good musicians to join Chilton. Little Birds has been published by the Dead Broke Rekerds and it’s limited to only 200 copies, so grab yours while it lasts.