Protestera – Kampen Går Vidare CD (Halvfabrikat Records)


Kampen Går Vidare is, what I truly believe, the debut album by Protesters which has been published on LP by Skuld Releases back in 2000. It was the beginning of a twenty-year-old journey for these anarcho punks who gave their best to reflect the world we are living in through their lyrics and music. Since their formation in 1999. they managed to record, perform gigs and do tons of benefits for many occasions by supporting No One Is Illegal organization being one of the perfect examples of their work. Kampen Går Vidare has been re-issued by Halvfabrikat Records, one of the most active crust punk labels in Sweden, who are also involved in tons of activities beside record publishing. They support charity organizations, lots of humanitarian work have been done by them, so their record label is a living proof how punk rock scene should actually operate. Kampen Går Vidare comes on a pro-done CD with 28 page booklet, packed in a jewel case. It contains all the vital pieces of information about the band, lyrics, photos, and everything is done in a standard monochrome punk rock style. For those who are not familiar with this band, Protestera are right between standard d-beat and great Swedish crust punk, but much more oriented to a classic British anarcho-punk sound than the modern crust. So if you’re into bands like Nausea, Contravene, Witch Hunt, DIRT, than give Protestera a chance, you won’t be disappointed. The CD is pressed in 500 copies but act fast because this is the first re-press of Kampen Går Vidare on compact disc since 2000. when this fine debut album has been published on LP. It’s remastered to suit perfectly in the digital era and it sounds better than ever.