Iron Chic / Toys That Kill – Split LP (Dead Broke Rekerds)


I am always looking forward to hear new recordings of Iron Chic and I kinda missed their music a little when I saw a facebook post saying they’re releasing brand new split LP with Toys That Kill, awesome band from San Pedro, California. Iron Chic have recorded four brand new songs, almost sounding like an anthems, with a lot of singalongs and beautiful melodies. The Old Man Of Crete, Kid Icarus, Amazing Fantasy and North Central Positronics are kinda tracks you will repeat several times and never get bored. Some of the melodies are beyond comprehension, especially in North Central Positronics, last track of the Iron Chic’s side of the split. Toys That Kill can be compared to Iron Chic, but with much more garage sound of the guitars and the production is more grungy and dirty so to speak. Overdriven guitars remind me of some new wave revival band that have been active at the begining of a millenium, but there’s a lot more melodies to it. Tracks like opening So Tuf or The Cut Up Boy are great overture for Where Have All The Kids Gone, while shorter This Delegation is giving a brand new dimension to I Can Hear It Stop, latest track of split which sound like the 70’s punk track. All in all, very good split release which will perfectly fit to all the fans of the melodic, mid tempo punk rock with a lot of amazing singalongs.