Achings Released Video For “Need For Love”


LandLand Colportage announced that they signed Philadelphia’s Achings, and the band are releasing an album titled All These Shapes, All These Days for the label on July 14th. To celebrate, the label released the video for the first single from the LP today.

Achings formed in the fall of 2018, almost by sheer accident. Singer-songwriter Rebecca Joy, having just started maternity leave, happened to overhear one of guitarist Justin Myer’s guitar tracks. The synchronicity was instantaneous: “I immediately knew how the song should go- I heard it with total clarity, and wrote the accompanying melodies and lyrics on the spot, and Justin was thrilled with the results; we both were.” That song was Abdication, Planet Earth.

One week later, Rebecca’s daughter was born, and over the course of her leave, Achings began to take shape, and an EP soon followed. While the EP largely tackles the specific life transition of becoming a parent in an increasingly uncertain and tumultuous time, the upcoming full length, “All These Shapes, All These Days,” broadens its scope, grappling with the various types and tones of connections past and present, and their indelible impact on our sense of self and place in the world.





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