Honey Gentry

Honey Gentry Released “Different Water” EP

Honey Gentry

Honey Gentry is an independent artist from London, UK. Creating baroque pop for introverts, Honey’s work explores themes including escapism, dreams, and mythology. Entirely self-produced and recorded from the comfort of her bedroom, the artist manages to capture a free, honest and totally personal experience with her DIY, homemade music. 

Finding influence in the likes of artists such as Mazzy Star, Tori Amos and Lana Del Rey, Honey is inspired by musicians who would turn deeply personal and private experiences of teenage girlhood and young womanhood, into something intensely human and real.

Her new three-track EP, Different Water, sonically shimmers with dreamy, echoing synths, layered vocals and delicate piano melodies, delivering an overall celestial quality. Throughout the EP, listeners will find Space as a common theme with Honey confiding, “I think because that’s my preferred method of looking outward rather than inward; forwards instead of backwards.” This is evident in “Nebula” where Honey sings, “Somewhere in space there’s a star being born / Nothing but dust and a desire to form.” Described as some of her favourite lyrics on the EP, the songwriter explains, “It’s all been said before but when you really think about the enormity and complexity of the universe we live in it puts small problems into perspective but also, lends life its profound meaning.” 





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