Some Remain - Knuckle Sandwich

Some Remain Released New Single “Knuckle Sandwich”

Some Remain - Knuckle Sandwich

Some Remain released their knockout new single Knuckle Sandwich. This is the follow up single to super successful Never Enough which sold out its vinyl run. Head to Blowtorch Records for more information: LINK

It’s short, it’s punchy and it’s punky. In their words: “A heavier, shorter song than our previous releases, Knuckle Sandwich is as close to its namesake as any song we’ve written. The opening riff repeats throughout with pounding drums and dirty bass. Another song we’ve had for a long time, it’s one that always resonates at live performances, especially Jamie’s borderline screamed ‘with such an impressive mind’ on the chorus. At around 2 mins, it’s also the shortest song we’ve written to date.”





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