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Sweet Gloom Released Video For “Deal Me Peace”

Sweet Gloom
Photo by James Duran

Sweet Gloom, LA-based pop-punk three piece,  is today releasing “Deal Me Peace,” a dynamic track that addresses despair with the unabashed authenticity of punk and the sweet melodies of power-pop. “Deal Me Peace” is the second single from the band’s forthcoming album Reverie, due to release this summer via Asian Man Records. 

“Deal Me Peace” follows Sweet Gloom’s theme of wistful, poetic lyrics set upon a base of lively, rugged pop-punk. Perfectly emblematic of the band’s name itself, the song’s upbeat energy swings in tandem with a macabre story lead singer Jaake Margo described as, “reveling in misery and longing for a way out.” As Margo sings about melancholy in the track, the lyrics, video, and the band’s sound weave in a feeling of being comfortably familiar with the weight of it: “Something cruel beneath \ Plays its dirty tricks on me \ Drew that blade from its sheath \ Please just deal me peace.”

The single capitalizes on juxtaposition, approaching a heavy topic with a near-satirical zest and lightheartedness. The sentiment is echoed in the music video where drummer Morris Carrillo is shadowed by the grim reaper as he goes about a normal morning. The reaper appears as Carrillo’s rideshare driver and pops up again and again as Carrillo browses for cereal, cartwheels down the sidewalk, and gives chase down a busy pier where seemingly no one else can see his pursuer.

Sweet Gloom is made up of Jaake Margo (Get Married) on lead vocals and guitar; Chris Clark (Tiny Stills) on bass and vocals; and Morris Carrillo on drums and backing vocals. Sweet Gloom will be hitting the road this summer on a national tour with Bay Area bummer punks Startle.

About Sweet Gloom

Sweet Gloom is a brand new power-pop influenced punk trio from Los Angeles. Featuring Jaake Margo of Asian Man Records favorites Get Married on lead vocals and guitar,  and bassist and vocalist Chris Clark (Wiretap Records’ Tiny Stills), they bring introspective songs about feeling inadequate to the table, but with pure raw energy, a magnetic stage presence, and endless melodic hooks. Rounded out by powerhouse drummer and notorious L.A. hunk Morris Carrillo, Sweet Gloom is a wild and boundary-blasting punk band, eager to leave their stamp on pop music with each and every sha-la-la. You can follow Sweet Gloom on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for band updates and other fun stuff.

About Asian Man Records

Asian Man Records is the brainchild of Bay Area multihyphenate Mike Park, founded in 1996 with the goal of supporting independent bands while keeping music prices affordable for fans. In between playing in the bands Ogikubo Station, Kitty Kat Fan Club, The Bruce Lee Band, and pursuing other musical ventures, Park’s egalitarian approach has led him to sign bands including Alkaline Trio, AJJ, Bomb The Music Industry, Grumpster, Lemuria, Joyce Manor and more. For more information, please visit asianmanrecords.com.





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