Final Form / Bloodfury - Split

Final Form & Bloodfury Teamed Up For Split Release; Out Now On Daze

Final Form / Bloodfury - Split

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but when it comes to album artwork it’s usually a pretty good indication of what a band will sound like. Take one look at the above, and it sums up the menacing and electrifying output from Final Form and Bloodfury. The split, out today on DAZE, showcases two songs from each band that soar across the heavy hardcore spectrum.

Final Form’s members banded together from across the UK and have a lengthy resume of bands between them including Last Wishes, Cold Hard Truth, Climate of Fear, Solemn Promise, and Dominate. The band’s crossover style blends hardcore and thrash metal, full of some serious guitar licks and in-your-face vocals. Sonically, it’s like Cro-Mags meets Slayer. Lyrically,  it capture a feeling of being independent, strong willed and taking accountability.

Newcastle’s Bloodfury take things into a more death-metal inspired territory and feature members of Malignant Methods, Spit, and xDeliverancex to name a few. Deep growling vocals lay over an intense rhythm section showcasing a range between rapid and down-tuned. The lyrics encapsulate the hopelessness felt in times of struggle and the inner conflict in becoming a new version of oneself. Sure to appeal to fans of Merauder and Creeping Death alike.

The split is available digitally now on Bandcamp, Spotify, and more; and through CD via DAZE.





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