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Endless Forms Drop New Single “Into The Swarm”

Endless Forms

‘Into the Swarm’ by Endless Forms will be released in April 2023 with a full length album, ‘House of Love’ scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023.

Endless Forms was started by writer and producer Justin Allen in 2015 with the release of his debut Lazarus — a thoughtful album reaching out for a cathartic answer to life’s looming existential questions.  Endless Forms’ subsequent releases — 2017’s ‘If There Were Water’, 2020’s ‘More Than Candy’ and 2022’s ‘Electric Heat Hypnotized’eachdive progressively further into the fractal, sonically evolving with each release into a dreamy marriage of deep atmosphere, layered rhythms, and earnest lyrics.

His past songs, ‘Lungs’ and ‘Landlocked Conch Shell -Alternate Version’ have been featured in the Netflix shows Elite and Kitz. Endless Forms has also composed a sound art performance at Living Arts of Tulsa and Philbrook Museum of Art, where he resides.  

‘Into the Swarm’ sets the tone for the album with an enchanting melody and steady beat, as Justin opens up about his self doubt in a relationship with his gentle vocals. The enchanting nature of this track is captured by the echoing harmonies and dramatic strings.

Justin describes his songwriting process and his inspiration: “​​This song started from this insanely weird setting on a Moog synthesizer, where the bass notes are super grainy and overtoney. It sounded so organic and imperfect, which actually isn’t always great for bass frequencies because they need to have clarity to not make the whole mix muddy. It’s about finding a surprisingly deep well inside of you that you don’t know about until you reach the bottom. I wanted to express that true love is to let yourself become entangled and changed — to let yourself start worrying about other people and what happens to them, and to open yourself to that never-ending complexity and care. It requires so much more of you, but it makes life so immeasurably meaningful.”

This track is about the complexities of self growth while being in a relationship: Last night I woke myself crying in bed / I dreamt that we got married again/ Guide me by the hand to the edge / Tell me the whole truth about myself

Endless Forms’ latest album, The House of Love is the most intimate and personal album Justin Allen has ever released. In a strange way, it’s an album of love songs. But where most love songs are written from the standpoint of falling in love, these songs are written instead from the middle of the marathon, when we start to be held a little too close, when we start getting afraid of loss, and it makes us want to hide or act out. The committed, searching songs on The House of Love are written from a vulnerable and unstable place — colored by the fears and uncertainties that come with deep emotional entanglements and what it means to truly belong to someone or something. The House of Love is also Endless Forms’ most sonically dynamic album to date, with the large themes buoyed by spacious, ethereal textures and layered rhythms that border on funky. The album’s music seeks such simple and romantic pleasure that you might forget how much is truly at stake in the lyrics. The House of Love is an album that takes the large themes of past Endless Forms albums and distills them into a more intimate and universal human question: how do we love when we are afraid?

Endless Forms will kick off their album with the release of ‘Into the Swarm’ 14th April 2023.





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