Black Oak

Black Oak Drop Debut Album “Egolution”

Black Oak

Swedish post-metal collective Black Oak are excited to bring you their debut full-length “Egolution”, released on Friday April 14th 2023.
 A skillful blend of darkness and light into a soulful unity, Black Oak merge together both ethereal dreamy atmospheres and shimmering melodies with crushing riffs and pummelling rhythms throughout the ten tracks that comprise Egolution. Each song on the record is meticulously measured and well-balanced in terms of its blend of genres, but where the five-piece really excel are during its more delicate moments, such as the use of frontwoman Samuéla Burenstrand’s vocals that really shine forth with a gentle, emotional, and enchanting style of singing. Few can combine angry growls with soft, beautiful melodies, yet Burenstrand accomplishes it with great aplomb. 
Lyrically, “Egolution” is a concept album about the struggles we face as humans. Sometimes we fall. We hit a brick wall in life and find ourselves in a dark place with no knowledge of where to go next; when you feel lost and unsure of your direction and are trying to navigate a way through the darkness within yourself. Be prepared for an intense and emotional ride then into the depths of the human mind.





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